Oil Life Indicators
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posted by: Ray Guarino
Last Updated: 30 October 2018

Here is a good article about how cars determine the oil life and when to set the light. it also talks about re-setting the monitor and gives some interesting history on the subject as well.  From the article:

"The most important thing to remember is that these estimates on the health of the oil are built around specific oils recommended by the automakers. Since the vehicle has no idea about the specification of the oil, it is critical the oil matches the oil life monitor..."

There is also information about Longer-Interval Oil Filters.  From the article:

"You can’t judge an oil filter just by opening it up and counting the pleats. Most reputable oil filter manufacturers have a warranty that will cover engine damage if the filter fails within the OE-recommended oil change intervals. If a filter manufacturer does not have this type of warranty, don’t take a chance on their filters..."


Two-Lane Blacktop Movie Poster
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posted by: Ray Guarino
Last Updated: 12 October 2018

Here are the MotorMouthRadio-Approved Car (Culture) Movies (UPDATED 10/10/18):

  1. Two-Lane Blacktop (1971) - This is the A#1 car movie on this gearheads list. The 55 Chevy used for road shots is a true ground pounding, noisy & visceral big block powered machine backed by a "Rock Crusher" M22 4-speed and although it's not mentioned in anything I've read, the car probably had the hot rear end of the day for strength, an Olds 3rd member. The main characters are all brooding, dark sorts which does nothing to overshadow the true star of the movie. More... Movie Trailer here.
  2. American Graffiti (1973) - This is a story about the last night of fun for a pair of college bound Californians. Although not made to be car-centric, this movie has become one of the go-to movies for people who dig car movies. MMR says, this movie plays like a Disney film next to Two Lane with the saving grace being that the cars Do overshadow the clean cut stars in many instances.
  3. Gumball Rally (1976) - A cross country race made by a myriad of entrants in a wide variety of cars, this movie combines a comedic slant with some real at-speed road racing.
  4. Bullitt (1968) - Essentially a cop movie where the main character happens to use his personal car in pursuit of the bad guys, Bullitt is known for it's ten minute fifty three second chase scene which made this movie legendary....especially if you're not a fan of Dodge Chargers.
  5. Gone in 60 Seconds (1974) - NOT the remake.
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Lou Santiago
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Last Updated: 21 September 2018

The Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) recently launched a four-part video series on lift safety featuring celebrity car builder/TV host Lou Santiago. In the YouTube series, Santiago gives a behind-the-scenes tour of the new LiftLab facility at ALI’s headquarters in Cortland, NY. Along the way, he shares lift safety tips and highlights a couple of cool vehicles in the facility—a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner and a 1946 Brockway heavy-duty truck. The first episode can be viewed on 

YouTube Playlist of ALL 4 Lou Santiago Vehicle Lift Safety Videos

Take this Lifting It Right online course

Get this Safety Tips poster

“Lou’s been wrenching on cars and trucks since he was a kid,” said R.W. “Bob” O’Gorman, ALI president. “He got his start through the New York State BOCES program for diesel mechanics, served his country as a Navy Seabee and has shown millions of people how to build and repair vehicles through his television shows. He’s a great guy to deliver the message that although everyone makes mistakes, it is important to focus on using and maintaining lifts properly to stay safe on the job.”

As part of the video series campaign, ALI is offering a free pair of shop safety glasses with every order of the new Safety Tips poster Santiago highlights in the first episode. The 30x45-in. poster outlines 13 tips for safe lifting, including lift operation, maintenance and inspection. It’s available in packs of two for $38 with free shipping in the U.S.


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Last Updated: 20 September 2018

HOST: MALBA Field and Marine Club


WHERE: At the MALBA Waterfront - Boulevard & Malba Drive

WHEN: Sunday, September 9th, 2018, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

COST:  $25 to register car, FREE to spectators

MORE INFO: MotormMouthRadio will be broadcasting from the MALBA show, so "show" up. Billy G (Velvet) told us what is happening this Sunday:

  • Marty Schorr from Motion Performance, CarGuyChronicles (https://goo.gl/vHY9rf), CARS and Vette Magazines, Day One author, and more will be there;
  • 1967 KO-MOTiON Corvette owned by Glen Spielberg (https://goo.gl/C9g9xR) will be there;
  • Alco-6 "Black Beast" owned by Howard Kroplick (https://goo.gl/tvmo8d) will be there;
  • LICOA Lane (formerly known as Corvette Alley) is breathtaking;
  • 82 Trophies will be presented;
  • and more.

MALBA 2018 Show Poster

2018 MALBA Show Pictures

Car Guy Chronicles Review of 2018 Malba

2017 MALBA Show Pictures

2018 MALBA Car Show Poster

Ann Margaret Freedom Ridin' on a Chopper
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Last Updated: 15 September 2018

Here are the MotorMouthRadio-Approved Motorcycle (Culture) Movies:

  1. Easy Rider (1968): This one seems to rise to the top of the heap on most lists. This all-time classic biker buddy flick is light on action but high on existentialism. More of a psychedelic drug plot than a rough and tumble stereotypical biker film, this one turns out real bad for the stars and gave me a respect for shotguns.
  2. Hells Angels Forever (1966): With a cast of H.A. club members & music from Jerry Garcia, Johnny Paycheck & Bo Diddley, this movie is the “true story of an American phenomenon”.
  3. It’s a Revolution, Mother (1969) originally titled “Biker Babylon” There’s footage from an anti-Vietnam peace rally in Washington D.C., and a free concert held somewhere in Florida, but the real reason to watch this flick is the coverage the 1% club The Aliens from NJ are featured in. If you like Panhead choppers & gritty clubhouse conversation this is the one for you.
  4. Electra Glide in Blue (1973): Bored with traffic duty a bike cop gets re-assigned to the Homicide Division. Along with Robert Blake, Peter Cetera (bassist & lead singer of the Rock/Blues/Jazz band Chicago), plays Bob Zemko. A character named “the Beard” is played by an actor whose real name is Bob Zemko. Cops in the movie ride 1970 Harley Davidson Electra Glides…hence the title. Blake didn’t like the title and instead preferred “Chopper Coppers”. Fans of this popular garbage barge ride will be in 7th heaven after watching the road footage found within.
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