Last Updated: 17 December 2021

Ray Guarino and Chris Switzer conduct a "Sidewalk" Radio Show with Joe Ferrer from his BS&F Auto Parts store on Bronx River Ave. The MMR guys put down the MotorMouth Radio Challenge to Joe's stores motto "deliver any part at any time" by having listeners come down to Joe's store with a difficult part to find and Joe has to find the part before close of business that day. Cars/parts on the show: '76 AMC Matador Fastback: Heater Core '57 Chevy Corvette: Fuel Pump '72 Dodge Coronet Custom: EGR Valve Ford Steel Body 5-Window Coupe: New King Pins

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Last Updated: 10 December 2021

James Bland, Dr, Yes, 007 and 7/8ths, Tail Light Zone, Granny Turisimo (she cheats), Tony Tiger and a Go-Go Girl to go with his go-go can anyone say no to SS 396.

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