Chris's 69 Chrysler 300

Last Updated: 30 December 2020

1 69 Chrysler 300 30 year slumber
30 Year Slumber
Here is how I found the car in March of 2019, sitting in a garage on the north shore of Long Island with junk everywhere around it. The registration on the windshield showed it had not be registered in about 30 years. It took a good amount of ‘coaxing’ with a three pound sledge to free up two of the four stuck wheels.


2 69 Chrysler 300 new gas tank
New Gas Tank
Once the car actually ran, the next order of business was to take care of the fuel system, so in the air it went and a new tank was ordered.

3 69 Chrysler 300 all new brakes
All New Brakes
So while the car was in the air, the next order of business was to get the thing to stop. A new manual master cylinder was installed along with new wheel cylinders and brake lines.

4 69 Chrysler 300 first run
First Run
Here’s one of the first time the car was out of the garage under its own power back in the summer of 2019. All it needed at first was a quick rag over it to get the 30 year dirt off. Now, we just need is some hubcaps and to get the hidden headlight doors to work.

5 69 Chrysler 300 top cleaning
Top Cleaning
Now it was time to break out the Mother Switzer’s Convertible Top SoapTM and see how well it does on a top with 30 years of grime on it. Judging from the results, not bad.

6 69 Chrysler 300 registered
Got the 300 hubcaps for the car the day it was registered and installed the passenger side mirror too. It’s slowly starting to come together.

7 69 Chrysler 300 first show
First Show
Back at the tail end of the summer car show season, I was able to get the car to one of the last shows. I was also able to get the headlight doors to work, too.

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