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Last Updated: 13 December 2020

Since my Triumph TR6 is giving me fits. . .I've decided to really abuse myself with this. . .

It's an '84 Vette with that dopey 4+3 stick shift. . .and a bad reverse gear!

This should be fun. . .yessirree!!

84 Corvette

If that's not bad enough. . .how about this:

It's a '90 Pontiac Sunbird with a leaky top, and a beaming orange "Check Engine" light

I need my head examined. . .

90 Pontiac Sunbird

At least I can drive to the disco in this:

It's a '77 Cadillac Seville that my Dad forgot that he owned for about twelve years. . .

"Get that thing outa my garage!!" he said, while stuffing the title in my pants pocket.

77 Cadillac Seville

. . . and always remember:

It's gotta get ugly, before it gets beautiful!

Triumph TR6


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