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So much has been written about Frank over the span of his long career and you’ll still never find a complete synopsis of his wit, engineering prowess and mechanical spirit. Being friends of his led him to come in and give us an incredible interview, and unfortunately, we could never get him back for another. Respecting his wishes we never bugged him about it, and we’re happy to have this one to share with you.

dom aHere's how Frank Dominianni sounded on MotorMouth Radio back on Aug. 14, 2005.

Here is an excerpt from a blog article on Scotty Gosson Exposed! on Frank:

While I was busy with my little experiment, Motormouth Ray was unwittingly stumbling across one that he had initiated years earlier. It's still bearing sweet fruit today. Take it, Ray...

Read MoreFrank Dominianni/Hi-Speed Automotive - Legendary Driver
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Joe wrote the consummate book about the Muscle Cars we know and love, about street racing on the mean streets of NY, and still never got it all out.  He was gracious enough to come on the air with us, sharing his thoughts with every car enthusiast who’s lucky enough to find these interviews.  You’ll even learn what his favorite music was.  On October 26, 2017, the automotive community lost a "consumate car guy" as this article by Marty Schorr explains:

MotorMouth Radio had Joe Oldham on the phone on February 8th, 2009 and November 5th, 2009 to talk about his book: 

Muscle Car Confidential by Joe Oldham  Another book by Joe: The All American Muscle Car by Joe Oldham and Others


Joe's articles in Hemmings: 

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What can you say when the leader of a popular local rock band agrees to come on to your hokey automotive radio show and he knows nothing about cars? Peppi Marchello returned our call and booked a studio date why?... because we had bought four tickets for a Good Rats reunion show. Peppi said that because we’re true fans of his he’ll do anything for us-now THAT’S dedication to your craft & legacy. This was a rare occasion when Peppi didn’t have a baseball bat or garbage can to bang on….enjoy the words of our dearly departed friend.

Peppi Marchello We had Peppi Marchello from "The Good Rats" on the show April 14, 2011.


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