Joe Oldham - Automotive Test Driver and Journalist

Last Updated: 22 February 2018

Joe wrote the consummate book about the Muscle Cars we know and love, about street racing on the mean streets of NY, and still never got it all out.  He was gracious enough to come on the air with us, sharing his thoughts with every car enthusiast who’s lucky enough to find these interviews.  You’ll even learn what his favorite music was.  On October 26, 2017, the automotive community lost a "consumate car guy" as this article by Marty Schorr explains:

MotorMouth Radio had Joe Oldham on the phone on February 8th, 2009 and November 5th, 2009 to talk about his book: 

Muscle Car Confidential by Joe Oldham  Another book by Joe: The All American Muscle Car by Joe Oldham and Others


Joe's articles in Hemmings: 

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