Bernie Schacker - Hot Rodder, Drag Racer, Car Builder

Last Updated: 07 August 2020

Bernie Schacker, a Long Island, NY native, hot rodder, drag racer, car builder and innovator passed away on 5/27/2020.

Awards: 2010 East Coast Drag Times Hall of Fame and Special Life Time Achievements Award for his pioneering the rear engine dragster and his dedication to the sport of drag racing.

Here is a video with photos of Bernie, his dragsters and his cars: Bernie Schacker On What Drives Racers And Drag Racing Comradery


Comments from Facebook and the Internet:

Boyd Denton:

This is a pretty cool and sharp one...
A short wheel based, streamliner TAD...
Once again Bernie is/was A Innovator, A Legend and A Friend...
Plus his welds are artwork...

  • Bernie was an innovator. His welds were artwork.
  • Top Alcohol Dragster experiment, Bernie Schacker built himself with partner Rod Abrams.
  • He built race cars into his 80's.
  • It has been confirmed by the NHRA, that Bernie Schacker from Long Island, N.Y., competing in Top Fuel, indeed, did make the FIRST six-second clocking in a REAR-ENGINE dragster in mid-1970. He built it in his home garage & had been campaigning WELL BEFORE Don Garlits’ much-publicized accident with his front-engine car. Schacker’s car also was outfitted with a rear wing from the outset, which also was a first.

Note from John Fiore about Bernie:  I think it was July 12 or 13, 1970 at New York National Speedway, Bernie had his rear-engine car there and a guy from a magazine was there and he was asking Bernie about the car.  He said to Bernie, "how long is the car" and I think Bernie said, "242 inches" and the guy said, "why 242 inches" and Bernie replied, "thats how long my garage is".  I almost pissed my pants laughing.

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Here is our full interview with Bernie Schacker on March 13, 2011 MotorMouth Radio Interview with Bernie Schacker

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