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Last Updated: 13 October 2017

"The problem is right under here!!"

As with most things in life, knowing when you reached a turning point can make or break a person's existence in society. Thus was the case with Chris. In 1985, he signed his resignation from EF Hutton on a demerit slip for being 5 minutes late. It was time to pursue his passion for cars and the wide-open reaches of the radio airwaves.

To say that this guy loves cars is an understatement. Chris spent most of his youth in used car lots and auto repair shops. Auto diagnosis was second nature to him but the thought of spinning wrenches for someone else left little to be desired. Not exactly the change he had in mind.

Leaving the finance business, Chris decided the first course of action was to go back to college. In college he soaked up everything he could about the art of radio broadcast.

Employment was found quickly, after college, and lasted seven years at various radio stations in the New York Metro area. Chris worked in all capacities of radio. In his early radio days he worked simultaneously as an overnight jockey for 95.5 "The Fox" in Norwalk Connecticut, featuring Rock "n" Roll and as Field Promotions Coordinator for "Hot 97" in New York City. He eventually settled into one position as Program Director for 106.7 WVIP FM Radio in Mount Kisco, New York before television came knocking on Chris' door.

As a graphics designer for Rainbow Network Communications, he is currently developing television graphics for AMC, (American Movie Classics), IFC (Independent Film Channel), Bravo, and Fox Sports Network. As graphic designer life for Chris began to stabilize, however there was still a yearning to mix his two greatest passions, cars and radio production.

In January 2002, Chris started "Motormouth Radio" a call in automotive talk show at 90.3 WHPC FM Radio in Garden City, New York. The show needed to grow, so he enlisted the help of the former host of Cablevision's Extra Help Automotive Show Steve "The Bronc" Broncatello. Slowly the show started to show signs of strength. Shortly after, he recruited the help of another former Cablevision Extra Help Show Host Mike Timmons to provide his expertise on motorcycles.

In 2004, Ray Guarino was added to the mix as "The Bronc" retired to his home in Sparks Nevada. The group became a twosome, with just Chris & Ray shortly after Mike Timmons left to persue his own business.

With Chris & Ray running Motormouth Radio, it is developing a local following and is becoming a driving force in free automotive and motorcycle repair and advice.

Latest MMR Show

Sunday, August 14, 2022

In radio timing is everything, and although we may not hit every mark perfectly, today Chris showed off his chops by talking about the timing marks on his Chrysler engine and how he couldn't see them. Ray told a story about a particularly difficult serpentine belt replacement in a family car, and was also plagued by a seat belt installation in a '66 Mustang. The same Mustang reminded us that bad grounds and wiring are everywhere in older cars, and Chris took us home with a story about polishing his cars headlight lenses.
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