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Burn an hour every Sunday at 12 noon with MotorMouth Radio! The New York based Car Show that puts a smile to your ear!! Ray Guarino and Joe D. grab hold of the microphones, and get under the hood with listeners to answer questions and talk about anything with a motor.

Ray and Joe cover everything that has to do with cars, bikes, snowmobiles, and boats. They've even repaired an occasional washing machine!

MotorMouth Radio is not your typical automotive info show! They didn't just learn what they know by sitting in a classroom - they've probably burned it, dented it, or broke it in half! If it's happening at the dealership, shop, or in the backyard garage -  Ray and Joe are laughing about it.

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Sunday, March 17, 2019

This week Ray talks about the easiest front end he's ever worked on, Joe relates how to remove the exhaust from a Hummer, then the finer points of rebuilding a Valiant carburetor come up. A Honda with a funky exhaust smell are only eclipsed by our alumni C.C. Switzer's new restoration project Chrysler 300 that reeks of a strong varnish smell. All in all, a typical week on MotorMouth Radio.

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Music Played on Show:

Music intros on the show were: "The Best of Sweet"

1) Fox on the Run
2) Ballroom Blitz
3) Blockbuster
4) Love is like Oxygen

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