Some great times at the MotorMouth Radio
"10th Anniversary - Fan Appreciation " Party
hosted by Freeport Auto Wrecking on August 5th, 2012.

The only place in the world where a you are greeted by a '53 Chrysler at the door.


Peter Burd from Moonlight Coachworks with Chris Switzer



Tom from Massapequa took th etime to stop by.





A MMR "regular," Officer Dan came by to make sure everyone was having a good time.

One heckofa pro builder, Vince is seen here with Gerard from Rolling Thunder
Here's "Pirate Paul" trying to get the right shot.
Vince with Peter Burd.
Now how did Linda end up at the grill?
Drew & Dina Parise from Dina Parise Racing took time out of their busy schedule to stop by.
"Obi Don Cannoli," Joe D & Howie "The Big Man!" with Chris shooting their best side.
Gary & Lorraine Glass with "The Big Man."
Gary give the food a thumbs up.
. . . and Lorraine got to crush something.
The master of ceremonies and owner of Freeport Auto Wreckers, Jimmy Ruocco.
. . and Jimmy when right back to business.
Ray got a lovely parting gift.
(From left to right) Lorraine Glass, "Obi Don Cannoli" Joe D, Gary Glass, Howie "The Big Man," Marty Hymes, Dina Parise, Ray, "Kilowatt" Kevin, Drew Parsie and Chris.
Ralph rode all the way down from Geneva NY just to see the show