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Starting in 2010 there was a montage played at the start of every MotorMouth Radio Show. That montage is what Chris & Ray affectionately called the "Promo." These promos were created by Chris with audio clips taken from live calls to the radio show.

In 2016 after Chris stepped back from the show, Ray & Joe leaned on their friend, author, and musician Scotty Gosson from Oregon to create a new show opener for them..with one caveat, it had to exude the heart and soul of what MotorMouth Radio was.

Recorded live by the Scotty Gosson Combo in the retro style that hearkened back to Sunday AM radio dragstrip commercials, the new show opener was born. Give a listen to this one minute gem and you'll know where we're all coming's a real education. Now let's do a burnout on the automotive asphalt and rocket into the next segment....  

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